Anatolia 562B

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Anatolia Collection brings old world sophistication and quality in new tufted rugs. This collection captures the authentic look and feel of the decorative rugs made in the late 19th century in this region. Hand spun wool and an ancient pot dying technique together with a densely woven thick pile, gives Anatolia rugs their authentic finish.

This item is also available in the following variations
154 x 92cm (5ft x 3ft)
183 x 122cm (6ft x 4ft)
229 x 155cm (7ft 6" x 5ft 1")
280 x 201cm (9ft 2" x 6ft 7")
305 x 244cm (10ft x 8ft)
244 x 69cm (8ft x 2ft 3")
201 x 201cm (6ft 7" x 6ft 7")
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