Hatchloo (Red) (124147)
It has a nomadic look, excellent visibility and is gorgeous carpet/rug. They go well with contemporary, traditional, and modern decors and are highly sought after in western houses. It has tribal patterns and a very warm look, warm underfoot and velvety feel.
Kazak (Red) (124350)
HANDMADE RUG - Afghanistan is one of the leading producers of handmade rugs in the world. Afghan rugs are genuine, charming and usually phenomenally inexpensive. One of the most exotic and distinctive of all oriental rugs is the Shindand and Adraskan (named after local Afghan villages) woven in the Hairat area in western Afghanistan. Strangely elongated human and animal figures are their signature look. Most of the weavers in Afghanistan are the Ersari Turkman. But other smaller group such as Chub Bash and Kizil Ayaks are also in the line of weaving rugs. In addition Uzbeks, Kyrgyz, Kazakhs and Arabs label their rug according to their ethic group. Various and other natural dyes are used to produce the rich colours. As a chemical colour they use copper sulphate, ferrous sulphate, or tin and urine. Tribal rugs are almost always done on the horizontal or ground loom. This is due to the fact the nomads rarely remain in one location for more then two months. A Turkman woman will usually take at least six month to finish a rug 6 feet by 4 feet. The loom there fore can be set up and taken down four to six times before a rug or kelim is finished colour of Afghan rugs are mainly Reds (Madder-root of modern plant- ranges from reds to Orange and Purple. FREE DELIVERY ON THIS RUG within UK mainland.
Afghan (Red) (124769)
HANDMADE RUG - 100% wool handmade piece, soft pile, nice motifs.
Ushak (134805)
HANDMADE RUG - Excellent handmade Ushak piece, soft pile, detailed golden motifs and tribal depicting borders.
Fine Persian Nain (Red) (114630)
HANDMADE RUG - Nain rugs are often made in the areas surrounding the Nain town, not necessarily the town itself. Nain is a small town in the centre of Persia, very close to the famous city of Esfahan. Nain utilize the Shah Abbas design and make use of flowing design such as flowers and tendrils.Nain rugs are constructed using the Persian knot and can be between 300 and 700 knots per inch. The pile is usually very high quality wool, clipped short and silk is most usually used as highlighting for parts of the detailing in the design. Some pieces are made entirely of silk. Nowadays Nain itself only produces very fine 4 or 6 La quality. Nain rugs that were once made for the Emperor of Persia can turn any home into a palace. These hand knotted carpets are most often made by wool, but can also be found in silk and cotton. Bring a soft kiss of the old Eastern empire to your home; Nain rugs are easy to identify and will add royal elegance to any home. FREE DELIVERY ON THIS RUG within UK mainland