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HANDMADE RUG - This is a piece of beauty from Isfahan. A Persian proverb describes Isfahan as 'half the world' and certainly in its heyday it was a cosmopolitan city of artists and philosophers. The designs are often copied from old carpets, though tile and mosaic work also inspired the designers. The weave is medium to fine, with, in older carpets a warp and weft of cotton. This rug has a signature sign of elegence. All these red, peach, black, sky blue, white and light green colour brings an amazing powerful combination to the rug that it has become irrisistable to anyone. And this rug would suit in any room of the house and will bring a homely feel to it. This rug is 100% wool handmade in rich natural dye. It is extremely valuable and durable and one of the finest looking rug or carpet in terms of quality, design and value for money. The warmth look, warm underfoot and velvety feel will make this a must have to any one. This rug as with all our rugs are a class above what you will find anywhere online. We pride ourselves on providing a unique experience of owning an authentic piece of eastern culture. Free delivery on this rug in UK Mainland.