Persian Rugs – Caring for your Investment

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Persian Rugs – Why They Need Special Care

Persian rugs may be a sound purchase, but they must be cared for in order to retain their value. Stomping all over these exquisite rugs with dirty shoes, or letting pets run over them and drop hairs on them, is a recipe for disaster. Treat Persian rugs with respect and care, and they will reward you with a lifetime of use. In the Orient people take off outdoor shoes before entering any room with a carpet, so consider implementing a new slippers-only policy in your home. This way the carpet will suffer less wear, and the precious weave and beautiful colours will last much longer.

Persian Rugs – Caring for Yours

The key to keeping your Persian rugs clean and beautiful is to remove any marks or stains as soon as they are formed. Blotting spillages immediately with paper towel then use a gentle carpet shampoo to remove the mark. Vacuum your rug every day to remove grit, which can cause considerable damage to the weave. Avoid placing furniture on your rugs, but if you do, place furniture cups underneath sharp chairs or table legs, and move the pieces around so they do not leave marks in one place. Persian rugs benefit from being turned on a regular basis to even out any wear areas that may be forming.

Persian Rugs – Dangers to your Rug

Damp is the enemy of any rug but particularly delicate Persian rugs, as they are made from natural fibres that are susceptible to rotting from this damp. Intense heat can dry out the natural oils in wool, so place your Persian rug away from an open fire. And it goes without saying that pets and Persian rugs do not mix! Keep animals away from the carpet as they may scratch or chew at it, ruining your beautiful investment. Following these care guidelines will ensure you have a stunning Persian rug to treasure for a lifetime.

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