Rugs – How to Look After Persian Rugs, Traditional Rugs and Modern Rugs

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Looking after rugs is a fairly easy routine to maintain whether you have Persian rugs, modern rugs, or traditional rugs. There are a number of tried and tested techniques that can be utilised when it comes to making sure that rugs are well looked after and these are principles that can be applied to all types of rugs found in the home ranging from damask rugs to more modern rugs. It goes without saying that rugs have the capacity to completely change the characteristics of a room. Persian rugs, for example, will give an overt sense of style to any room whether they are utilised in the bedroom or living room. The longevity of rugs is largely down to how well they are looked after and whether your home has modern, contemporary rugs or you are a fan of more traditional rugs, you can ensure that you get the most from your rugs by taking good care of them.

Rugs – Top Tips for Keeping Rugs Looking Good

Rotation– It is a good idea to rotate rugs on a regular basis so that the wear and tear that they experience is equalised. Persian rugs, for example, tend to be quite large, so, rotating these may be less feasible, particularly if there is a lot of furniture in the room. With modern rugs, on the other hand, which tend to be slightly smaller in size, it is easy to ensure regular rotation so that no one part of the rug looks more worn than the rest.

Keeping it clean– It goes without saying that you should try and keep dirty shoes away from any rugs in your house. Persian rugs and traditional rugs are the most susceptible to being adversely affected by dirt so it is especially important to keep these types of rugs clean in order to increase their longevity. If you happen to spill anything on the rugs in your home, do not rub the stain into the rug as this will only make the problem worse. The best solution is to use a dry, absorbent cloth that can soak up the stain on the rug.

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