Runners – Versatile Style

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Runners – The different types

If you are looking to add a runner in your home you may be overwhelmed to discover the choice in variety of styles and colours that are available. Below are just some of the beautiful modern and traditional runners available today:

Antique Runners:Ideal to add a touch of history to your home
Persian Runners: The traditional Persian styles of runners will complement most décor.
Nomadic and Tribal Runners: Bold patterns and rich colours make these runners a statement piece for your home.
Afghan Runners: Beautiful decorative designs with rich deep reds, burnt orange and brown make these stunning runners a must-have for any home.
Silk Runners:Delicate and divinely woven, these runners come in intricate colour patterns, including subtle ivory to match lighter décor.
Contemporary Runners: Bold colours and simple bright designs make these runners ideal for the modern home.