sea green

modern rug (5224126)
Lovely rug with modern contemporary design
Persian Bijar (Red) (112401)
HANDMADE RUG - A peculiar weaving technique involving driving in an additional thick weft makes Bijar carpets extremely solid and hardwearing. The Designs are somewhat standardized: a Herati (Mahi) design with medallions, one inside the next, of red, blue and white. Sometimes an all-over Mahi design is seen.
Kazak (Red) (194605)
HANDMADE RUG - Kazak rugs are a type of Armenian rug that were woven in the south of Caucasus, between Tiflis and Erevan.The older Caucasian carpets are made with hand spun yarns of wool as well as the warp, weft and pile. The natural colours are both clear and strong. Good wool quality and Turkish knots make the carpets durable and they have a good reputation. In newer carpets, made after 1925, the warp is of cotton, with synthetic colours that are bleached and fewer and simplified patterns are used. The carpets are fairly durable All Caucasian carpets are made with a Turkish or Giordes knot "Kazak" carpets are not from Kazakhstan but are from an area in what is now Armenia. The word probably derives from the Russian for Cossack - originally Christian Russian and Ukrainian serfs who fled from feudal landlords, and who were noted for their brutality. The colours of older Caucasian carpets are mostly made from natural materials found in the respective tribal regions. FREE DELIVERY ON THIS RUG within UK mainland.
Persian Senneh (112181)
HANDMADE RUG - medallions in the field nice motifs in the field
Old Persian Hamedan (113599)
HANDMADE RUG - wonderful old piece with fll field boteh, pasiley, design with floral border
Sarouk ~(Beige) (112634)
HANDMADE RUG - A Sarouk Rug is a type of Persian rug from the province of Arak in Iran. Sarouk (also Saruk or Sarough) rugs are those woven in the village of Saruk and also the city of Arak, Iran and the surrounding countryside. T hey are made with a high quality, tough wool using a Persian knot. The finest of the modern Sarouk rugs comes from the small town of Ghiassabad.