Senneh rugs

In the western piece of Iran the region of Kurdistan is arranged. Its capital today is Sanandaj, however in cover setting the more established name is as yet utilized, Senneh.

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Harlequin rug has the greatest curvature and visibility. It is extremely valuable and durable and one of the finest looking rug or carpet in terms of quality, design and value for money. It has a nomadic look, excellent visibility and is gorgeous rug. It has a very warm look, warm underfoot and velvety feel. FREE DELIVERY ON THIS RUG within UK mainland

 The guest meets a Kurdish society altogether different from what can be found in Iran today. One can see how the general population dress; men in loose jeans and ladies in brilliant dresses.

Around the area the Kurdish individuals weave solid, tough rugs with eccentric patterns. Handmade carpets from the city of Senneh gives an exquisite impression with a fine plan and classy designs. They are exceptionally appreciated throughout iran and the rest of the world.

The weaver utilizes string in the weft and on account of this the cover gets an average spotted rear. Here the Kilim-Senneh rug is likewise made, which is thought to be the best kilims in all of Iran.