Turkmen rugs

A Turkmen rug is a sort of carefully assembled floor-covering material customarily beginning in Central Asia. It is valuable to recognize the first Turkmen inborn floor coverings and the mats created in vast numbers for fare chiefly in Pakistan and Iran today.

Persian Turkmen (356914)
HANDMADE RUG - Beautiful decorative Turkaman Rug, the rug has a superb tonality with rich shades and boarder. Authentic rare and beautiful rug. 100% Wool pile handwoven on a cotton foundation and coloured with natural dyes. This rug is 100% wool handmade in rich natural dye. The warmth look, soft underfoot and velvety feel will make this a must have to any one. This rug as with all our rugs are a class above what you will find anywhere online. We pride ourselves on providing a unique experience of owning an authentic piece of eastern culture.
Turkmen (374271)
HANDMADE RUG - Beautiful piece made from the nomadic group, semi nomadic tribe in turkomenistan weaved this piece
Old Persian Baluch (104494)
HANDMADE RUG - Baluch rugs are tribal hand-woven rugs made in the southern part of Persia by nomadic Baluch tribes. The majority of Baluch rugs are woven in the province Sistan-Baluchistan, which sits on the extreme Southeast boundaries of Persia. Colours of Baluch rugs are usually predominantly a rich burgundy with some very dark navy blue and accents of ivory. They frequently have either an overall pattern, or a prayer rug design. Any Baluch Persian rug is one of a kind and has absolutely no duplicates anywhere in the world. Being of tribal and often nomadic origin the Baluch rugs are generally small in size, typically limited to a length of 8 ft. Often using wool pile and foundation the rugs are resilient, however due to the materials used and the circumstances of the weavers the knot count is generally low with about 60-180 knots per square inch (KPSI).The people of Baluchistan are descendants of Turkmen weavers and they are amongst the poorest in the in Persia. Low wages and tribal lifestyles mean that Balouch rugs are some of the best value for money carpets from Persia. FREE DELIVERY ON THIS RUG within UK mainland.
Fine Turkman Kilim Sumak (202158)
HANDMADE RUG - 100% wool handmade piece, charming design.

The first Turkmen rugs were created by the Turkmen clans who are the fundamental ethnic gathering in Turkmenistan and are additionally found in Afghanistan and Iran. They are utilized for different purposes, including tent carpets, entryway hangings and packs of different sizes. Practically all Turkmen carpets were created by itinerant clans on the whole with privately acquired materials, fleece from the groups and vegetable colors, or other regular colors from the land. They utilized geometrical plans that differed from clan to clan. 

Since around 1910, manufactured colors have been utilized alongside regular ones. The extent of itinerant mats is restricted to what should be possible on a traveler's versatile linger; bigger floor coverings have dependably been created in the towns, yet they are currently progressively normal. Utilizing cotton for twist and weft strings has additionally turned out to be normal.