Afghan Hachaloo (123714)

194cm (6ft 4")
270cm (8ft 10")
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This rug was woven by the Afghan Hachloo tribe which gave it the traditional name. The rugs are generally 100% wool. The weave is usually very fine. This particular rug has a dominance of red colour with white and black in it. With a three layer border design this rug has an attractive centre design which can be a perfect match with any decor. The center design has two rectangular pattern to compliment the design. The beautiful design makes it extremely valuable and this surely is a nice looking rugs in temrs of quality, design and value for money.It has a nomadic look, excellent visibility and is a gorgeous carpet/rug. It has a very welcoming look, natural warmth and velvety feel. This rug as with all our rugs are a class above what you will find anywhere online. We pride ourselves on providing a unique experience of owning an authentic piece of eastern culture.

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194 x 270cm (6ft 4" x 8ft 10")



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