Old Persian Bidjar (Gray) (11xy2807)

140cm (4ft 7")
221cm (7ft 3")
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Bidjar is a town of a round thirty thousand inhabitants in the North Western province of Kurdestan. It was occupied by Russians then Turks in World War I- and this was followed by a serious famine which drastically reduced the population. These events were reflected in the town's rug production. Before World War I, the carpets were coarsely, though firmly, knotted with woollen warps and wefts. Subsequently they become finer, with a cotton foundation. A peculiar weaving technique involving driving in an additional thick weft makes Bijar carpets extremely solid and hardwearing. The Designs are somewhat standardized: a Herati (Mahi) design with medallions, one inside the next, of red, blue and white. Sometimes an all-over Mahi design is seen. More originality was seen in old Bijar rugs, in those produced in the village of Shahndej and in the so-called 'Halvai' Bijar rugs. Other weaving centres which come within the general category of Bijar are Bidgeneh and Garus.This particular piece is extremely fine handmade old Persian Bijar Rug with superior traditional design and one of a kind. It has an excellent shade of colours and makes it really impressive to look at. A great authentic beautiful rug and a great bargain for the price.

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140 x 221cm (4ft 7" x 7ft 3")

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