Afghan Mushwanee Sumak (223331)

159cm (5ft 2")
195cm (6ft 4")
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Semi-nomadic and settled tribesmen of Indo-European, probably Pashtun ancestry, who speak Farsi (Persian) and mainly inhabit western Afghanistan are addressed as Muashwanee. They are closely associated with an all-over scheme based on concentrically expanding hooked-diamonds or zigzags. Mushwanee rugs are generally of excellent quality and are very high in demand as they give a tribal look in the house and are ideal for the heavy foot traffic area, made with wool on wool embossed village design and are 100% hand knotted. In this rug the beautifully designed border with a decorative central pattern makes it really attractive. The colour of the rug brings a welcoming feeling. The brown colour goes really complimentary to the off white, beige and maroon colour on the rug. The price is very reasonable compare to the design and thought that has been put into it. The rug is worth the money because of the nice colour, velvety feel and natural softness. In this rug it is contrasted masterfully creating a uniformed geometric pattern around the central medalion. A fine Mushwani can evoke an essence of persian regalia and add a touch of eastern charm and class, though can also look quite fitting in a more humble and simpler decor. Free delivery on this rug in UK mainland

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159 x 195cm (5ft 2" x 6ft 4")

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