Persian Yalameh Runner (Er117-M4952)

255cm (8ft 4")
61cm (2ft)
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Yalameh is the name given to the colorful southern Iranian carpets woven primarily in and around the village of Aliabad in the southern Iranian province of Fars. Pieces from this origin were formerly called Shekarlu, but they were very rare. They were traditionally more colorful than other southern Iranian pieces, the palettes of which were restricted to reds and dark blues. In recent years, the supply of Shekarlu rugs had become restricted. Then, in the 1960's and 70's, a new type of rug appeared on the market. These were Yalameh. They were as colorful as the Shekarlu rugs, but with a stronger emphasis on blues. The weave and designs are generally more regular than those of Sherkalu rugs. They share many of the characteristics of tribal pieces; made of 100% wool with a fondness for bright colour and geometrical designs. However the wool, though characteristically soft and lustrous, is machine spun and the colors show more variety than is usual for tribal rugs, with soft shades - of red, pink, blue green and yellow. All the motifs however are entirely traditional and all sizes are produced. Other weaving center which come within the general category of Yalameh are Shekarlu.

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255 x 61cm (8ft 4" x 2ft)


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