Old Malayer (Euniq-4082)

164cm (5ft 4")
113cm (3ft 8")
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Malayer is a town of southeast of Hamedan on the road to Arak. Its position in relation to these towns is significant, for its carpets exhibit characteristics of both Sarouk and Hamedan. Several villages in the area also produce rugs.Most Malayer rugs are single wafted; resulting in the white cotton warps being visible on the reverse. Unlike Hamedan rugs, which tend to be geometrical in design with large blocks of colour, Malayer rugs are more delicate, often with central medallions. The borders are particularly attractively drawn, often with a cluster of white motifs following the line of the main tendrils (or the outline of the central medallions) giving a lace effect. The village of Tafresh, to the northeast of Malayer in Arak province, produces similar carpets. Jozan and Manizan produce perhaps the best rugs in the Malayer area: they are double wafted and more rigid, using natural dyes. Only smaller sizes (Dozars, Zaronim and Pushtis) are produced. FREE DELIVERY ON THIS RUG within UK mainland.

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164 x 113cm (5ft 4" x 3ft 8")


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